In House Photography

Why we have an in house photographer: This allows us to keep the cost of the photo shoots  affordable to you. You own your photos and have the rights.  This means you can reprint or reproduce any and as many photos you want with out having to purchase each picture or have to get an authorization for the use of them.  We welcome new faces, experienced and of all ages, sizes, ethnicity, and genders Models and Talents. If you needs to up date your photos, head shots, composite cards and/or portfolios, all these services/products are available through the agency.

Price List For Services With The Agency

Payments can be made by Venmo @ LA-TEL-Models



All photo sessions listed below includes Photoshop and a spot on the Website exclusively with LA T.E.L. Models, Inc. Payments or purchases online are subjected to tax and fees. Photo sessions, Composite, Portfolio, business cards or classes do not include on location cost and/or shipping fees.

{$ 295.00 24/Color/Flash Drive} New Models or Beginners 
{$ 255.00 24/Color/Flash Drive} Update on current Models
{$ 205.00 24/Color or B&W/Flash Drive} Head Shots Only
{$ 245.00 24/Color/Flash Drive} Teens Ages 13 to 17 years old

{$ 215.00 24/Color/Flash Drive} Children Ages 6 to 12 years old
{$ 195.00 24/Color/Flash Drive} Children Ages 0 to 5 years old

{$ 225.00 Case and 6-8x10 photos}
{$ 105.00 Case Only}


{$ 350.00 Double Sided/ Color & B/W}
{$ 275.00 Single Side Only/Color}
{$ 250.00 Single Side Only /Black & White}
{$ 205.00 Single Side Ages 0 to 12 Years}

{$225.00 For 100 Cards}

{$325.00 For 250 Cards}

$175.00 Package=Six 1 Hour Session

$ 35.00 Single session will need six to complete or add on if needed after completing dull session  

Fees may incur or change without notice due to special circumstances.

By signing with the agency, LA T.E.L. Models, Inc. and any affiliated company or persons at our discretion may use your images for promotional and marketing purposes

No refunds on any products and/or services.

We accept photos and composites from the individual you do not need to go through our agency.  However, we do not post outside photos, comps or promotional items on the agency's website.  Your own materials would be used for submission only.


All products and services may be subjected to tax and other fees.