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LA T.E.L. Models, Inc.: News & Event

Gigi Fashion Runway Model - January 1, 2019

The Agency welcomes our newest Fashion Runway Model, Gigi. Not only is she an accomplished runway model but also talented actor. Gigi is a great addition to the agency, we are excited to welcome Gigi to LA T.E.L. Models, Inc. She can walk the runway like no other.




Alphonse Franklin~Sings Smokey Robinson - August 1, 2018

Grand Falls Casino & Gold Resort Sioux Falls, SD.

                        In The Show Lounge



Karina - February 26, 2018

Karina~ Is our newest model at our agency. She is a lovely young lady and is extremely photogenic, the camera absolutely loves her.  She is a model and actor and has great potential in the future.



Natalee Jo - October 18, 2017

We want to welcome Natalee Jo, she is a beautiful and talented new face to the industry.  Before we even had her pictures on our website, she already had an audition for a short film.  Great job Natalee Jo.  There are so much more ahead in her modeling future.






Carolyn - September 22, 2017

This is the glamorous Carolyn, our newest Spokes Model. She's a triple threat, beautiful, has an incredible talent with her voice over, and a versatile Spokes Model.  Welcome to the agency.





Terry - November 11, 2016


LA T.E.L. Models & Talent welcomes our talented actor Terry.  He is ambitious, motivated and dedicated to his career.  We are looking forward in seeing Terry in movies, commercials, and t.v. shows. 

Hannah - October 2, 2016



Hannah~ is seventeen and is stunning model.  She is 5'9" and not only is she beautiful but she is an athlete this puts her in as our specialty models.  As you can see she is a natural in front of the camera.  Hannah has great potentials on the runway and print work.  Welcome to the agency.

Lonnya - August 5, 2016

Lonnya, is LA T.E.L.  newest Model to be represented by the agency.  She is a natural in front of the camera, as you can see the camera loves her and she is pleasant to work with.  Lonnya has what it takes, both in her outer and inner beauty to launch her modeling career.  "Welcome to LA T.E.L. Models, Inc. Lonnya".



Daizy Jane - March 28, 2016

LA T.E.L. Models, Inc. Welcomes our newest model, Daizy Jane.  She is a beautiful Native America, and represents the proud Tribe of St. Croix.  She is not only a Model but is also a talented Song writer and artist.  Look for Daizy, as she has a promising future with the agency.




Malaysia Arie - October 22, 2015



LA T.E.L. Models, Inc. Welcomes our newest model, Malaysia Arie.  She is hot on the scene as our petite specialty exotic model.  This includes swimsuits, lingerie, hand and feet.   Malaysia's future in the modeling world is already launching.

Timothy~Model - September 12, 2015




LA T.E.L. Models & Talent, Inc. Welcomes Timothy, our newest model. He comes to the Agency from Illinois and will be relocating to Florida.  He is representing  the agency nationally and internationally.  Timothy has great potential to succeed with is career. See more of his photos under male models.

Trena~Model - September 10, 2015



LA T.E.L. Models & Talent, Inc. Welcomes the beautiful Trena, our newest swimsuit, fitness and fashion model.  As you can see the camera loves her, she has the potential to o far with the agency. See more of her photos under female models.

Midwest Zydeco - August 26, 2015


Upcoming Performance, MIDWEST ZYDECO.

Event: Liberation Of Michigan

Location/Address: Hellenberg Park, Monroe, MI.

Date: September 26, 2015

Time: Starting at 4:15pm – 5:00 p.m

LaQuonda - October 8, 2014


LA T.E.L. Models, Inc. would like to introduce to you our newest talent, LaQuonda.  She is talented, reliable and a great asset to out agency.  We are looking forward to having her as one of our model and talent.

Nicole C.~ New Model - April 23, 2014



LA T.E.L. Models' newest Model~Actor Nicole, she is the fresh face the clients are looking for.  Nicole, has the look, passion and the potential for the agency.


Alphonse Franklin - December 11, 2013


We want to welcome Alphonse Franklin the former lead singer of The Miracles.

See a live performance as Alphonse sings Smokey Robinson At The St. Croix Casino in Danbury, WI on Friday January 31, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. with the music and intermission of "Next Stage". Come and witness a show you'll never forget.  One night only the chance to meet Alphonse and get his autograph.

Latoya - August 19, 2013


Latoya, welcome to the agency.  Latoya is our new addition and will be a great addition to the agency.

Theresa - July 1, 2013


LA T.E.L. Models, Inc. welcomes the beautiful Theresa, she is classy and athletic.  She brings her own style and we are looking forward to her promising career.

Madison - April 23, 2013


Welcome Madison, our high energy and high fashion little diva.  She is going places, so look out fashion world.

Raheem "Da Dream" Willis - March 18, 2013


Meet the original Raheem "Da Dream" Willis. He is a talented Hip-Hop artist who writes his own music. Make sure you check out his music in the music menu to your left.

Monica - March 17, 2013


Our newest models to the agency, Monica. Located in our Mid-West region. She specializes in promotional and trade shows.

Morgan - March 17, 2013


Welcome to the agency Morgan, she is an adorable three year old with a lot of personality.

Reginae & Reginald - March 12, 2013

Reginae & Reginald


LA T.E.L. Models, Inc. would like to welcome our newest models. Reginae is six years old and her little brother Reginald is five. They are both out going and very ambitious. We see a bright future with these two beautiful children.

Shulisa~Model - January 12, 2013



We want to introduce our newest models the beautiful Shulisa, to LA T.E.L. Models, Inc. to our Milwaukee & Chicago region. 

Helene~Artist - November 1, 2011





We want to welcome Helene Tavormina, she is an amazing 15 years old artist.  Not only does she sing Country to Pop but she writes her own music and is talented to do covers.  She joins us from the beautiful state of Louisiana.  Along with her musical talent she is a model and dancer.  You can visit her website on the link page or listen to her samples by clicking on the "Music" menu bar.

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